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Tattoos and healing skin

I've been thinking about a new tattoo, and since I'll be getting my Bachelor's degree in June, I thought that would be a good time! However, since my Celiac symptoms showed up, my skin heals sooooo sloooooow! I'm sure many of you experience the same thing.
Do any of you know of a supplement to aid skin healing? I've seen some things say protein, others say Vitamin A...
I hope I don't have to worry about the ink, too :/


Today, for some reason, I have felt like I didn't want to be around anyone, not even my hubby. I don't remember the last time I felt so blah that I just went back to bed and didn't want to talk or surf the internet or whatever. Not just procrastinating, but out and out depressive GTFO feelings.
I don't like it...

I should probably get out of the house, but A) the shitton of snow and B) I don't want to :/

The only reason I'm not in bed right now is because I was hungry. That and I'm alone out here because my hubby went to take a nap. I feel terrible for him - we're supposed to be celebrating his birthday, and I just want to crawl under a rock (well, a comfortable, cozy rock anyway).

IDK WTF is wrong with me... just had to type it out I guess.

That's what we call irony...

Just thought I'd share a funny story - the pricelessness that is Baker College instructors!
My speech class instructor was talking about the objectives of the course, one of which is to demonstrate a knowledge of cultural diversity and gender differences in terms of the words we use in our speeches, such as saying "she" when talking about doctors in general, etc. Being aware of our audience, etc. Then the teacher gives us this gem - "It's what the Asians call 'mindfullness'"
Just three more classes after this semester and I'm out of that place...

Oh and it reminds me of the class I had last semester where two different people kept mis-pronouncing Buddhism as "Bootyism" *snort*

I know how Raistlin feels...

Srsly, this cough saps the life from me every time.
And the ear infections aren't any fun either :(
I just hope I'm not allergic to this antibiotic like I am to penicillin. But I'd rather have an allergic reaction to it than the common side effects of moderate to severe diarrhea, nausea and vomiting. Yuck.
A great week to start classes and have the final ass-kicking that is the last two weeks of a release at work.

a post?!

It's been a while, so I'll start with some humorous stories:
Overheard in classes just this week - two different people pronouncing Buddhism as "bootyism" and one guy pronouncing the Judeo part of Judeo-Christian as "Judo". These bring funny pictures to my brain XD And one girl that honestly thought there was an "ism" at the end of "Catholic" and I think she said "Jewishism" as well.... They also make me sad for college students today...
Another kinda funny story, with some background first:
Both of my older brothers are getting married next summer. My oldest brother's fiance asked me to be a bridesmaid with her sisters, which I gladly accepted. I saw on my oldest brothers blog that he said that he was having his brothers as his best man and groomsmen. So I mention to my mom that he updated his blog and did she see it. She said yes, it was nice that he was having his brothers in his wedding, but it would be nice if he notified them as well LOL *sigh* men...

Feeling pretty satisfied at work. Part of it is that styrofoam man* is gone (huzzah!), but also I'm doing a lot of what I love to do - scripting some tests, manual testing in foreign languages (I know, but I've grown to love this shit, it's weird!), writing documentation... Throw on the headphones with some Clutch or Gorillaz or whatever, and I'm good to go. It's nice not being interrupted every 5 minutes...
School is good - two general ed classes (Ethics and Cultural Diversity) which are basically 4 hours of stories by the teachers with brief interruptions for current events and stories from the students (I'm getting a TON of sketching/doodling done, so my monsters are looking better every day!), and one programming class (Data Structures and Algorithms with C++).
My first week in the programming class was very frustrating - my previous two C++ classes were with a douchebag of a "teacher" that didn't know shit about C++. He had some programming experience, but couldn't spot a syntax error the size of Boston if he was looking right at it. So this third C++ class I have my very favorite teacher EVAR, and I'm frustrated as hell with the first assignment because I feel super lost. I go to her house for some tutoring, and find out that there are misprints (or the author is a douche) in the book used for the first two C++ class and this one, and the reason I'm so lost is because I've been doing it wrong this whole time. Once she showed me how the functions were supposed to go, it was cake (these are get and set functions for classes, by the way). But I was so pissed that the first teacher didn't catch it... Another reason I like this current teacher - as I'm leaving her house, she sends me with asparagus and some risotto LOL

Anyhoo, gotta get to bed here. Long post :P
I miss you kids! I need to go dancing super soon for SERIOUS!

Woot for getting shit done!

Finished painting my bedroom (minus some touchups and the window trim) - pics at flickr.com/g33klady. I don't want to put any of the furniture in there, other than the bed, because nothing else matches lol But the hallway is chock full of furniture, so I need to or I'll stub my toe (surprised I haven't yet...)

Bought a bday gift for my BFF EVAR (it'll arrive soon, valsharess1 ! Don't freak when you see it, SRSLY)

If last week sucked at work, this week will kill me ded

School starts a week from Monday, and I have to buy books this week :(

BFF's Bday on Wednesday, Anniversary is on Thursday, and wedding of former coworker is on Saturday. I'll be drinking this week, I can just choose which event it will be at :P Oh, it will prolly be the anniversary with our $90 bottle of wine we have yet to enjoy (don't ask!)

Notes for those pondering painting paneling:
Don't do it! Burn the house down instead!
If you have to, be prepared - it's not flush to the wall ANYWHERE, and at the seams, it's a valley.
Those great trimming-paint-roller tools don't work because the edge of it gets caught every few inches on grooves in the paneling.
Corners are teh sux0rz because paneling != drywall; there's an overlap, and it's not pretty.

Other than that, painting it updated that room at least 3 decades :P

Get yur LOLZ

LOLcat Odyssey. This is srsly LOLZ and great. Here's a snippet:
"Wen teh pwnage of Troi was over srsly, Odiseos and his kittehs took teh botes wit der monees an der cheezburgers and getted teh fuck outta der."

Absolutely fucking devastated. A former coworker was found dead. He was a wonderful person and always made me feel welcome and like I had something worth contributing. He was only 30.
Vacations suck, in general. I'm a burden to my family and husband, just being there. You have to eat while you're visiting family, and if they dont' understand or we decide to eat before or after, they look at me like I'm making excuses or something, or forget that I can't eat and ask us to stay longer. My husband, his brother and parents are all very understanding. I feel like such a pox on them, a burden to feed and take care of. They're too nice, and I feel like I just want to crawl into bed, or sit on the porch with the dog all day. Where can you eat? Wendy's, 4x this week. Blah, just shoot me in the head.

dear solicitors...

... stop coming by to sell me shit. When you come over at 8:30pm to sell me Spic 'n Span, a vacuum or a new water softener, I will NOT buy your shit. When I say, before you get a word in, that I'm not interested, don't give me a look like I shot your mom. Get a job at McD's, or a fucking call center if you like bugging people in the evening. Do people even BUY shit when you stop by at night to sell it? Do they let you in at 8:30pm to show you the great vacuum you want to sell?

Small note to managers:
trying to be subtle in saying I don't know wtf I'm doing is great. When someone asks for clarification, be nice and direct perhaps rather than being less subtle and beating around the bush in a retarded way. Saying "it's difficult, maybe it wasn't set up right" would be much nicer than "we'll have x look at it before we decide if it's fixed *ahem*" with the shifty eyes and uncomfortable pauses.